Travel Insurance

Once into their retirement years, many seniors have travel plans on their agendas. Travel, especially cruises and trips to foreign countries, can be expensive. It is difficult enough to plan for airfare, cruise line tickets, hotel rooms, dining and so forth. But when things go wrong, those disrupted travel plans can wreak havoc with your bank account.


There are two general areas of financial concern to travelers. One is the costs incurred due to cancelled flights, missed connections, lost baggage and so forth. The other is medical expenses in a foreign country. We offer two companies that address those risks.


Affiliated with the well-known Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association, this company offers the most robust coverage if your concern is solely about illness or injury. These plans do not address the costs of trip cancellation, lost luggage and so forth. GeoBlue’s global services can take charge during an emergency, in many cases making direct payment to the providers¬†and help you arrange appropriate care by coordinating with sources on the ground. They can help arrange evacuation to a better facility if that is deemed to be in your best interest. They even offer an app for your smartphone that can direct you to a facility at your foreign location for emergency or non-emergency service. Depending on the plan and your own situation, GeoBlue offers exceptional coverage for pre-existing conditions. There are plans available for a single trip, multiple trips, students or even ex-patriots who spend the majority of their time outside of the US. Clicking on the link below will take you to the appropriate website location where you can examine the plans, the rates and sign up for coverage if you decide to do so.

Travel Insurance Center

This insurance broker features plans from a variety of companies ranging from the very basic trip cancellation to more robust plans. While many do offer medical and evacuation coverage similar to GeoBlue above, most of the plans also cover trip cancellations, lost luggage, missed connections due to terrorism or weather events and so forth. The array of plans can seem a bit daunting at first, so take some time to compare the coverage and premiums of several of the plans before making your decision. The link below will take you to their main website where you can select your primary area of concern and you will be able to see all the plans from the various companies that address that particular need.