Over-65 Insurance Products

Idaho Senior Insurance is the place to find all those unique insurance products that people over 65 find not only useful, but downright necessary. You will find a variety of products from several top-rated companies so you can make the selection that best fits your particular needs.

mike-avatarIdaho Senior Insurance is offered by Mike Mahoney, a licensed insurance agent at North Idaho Insurance, a division of Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. I have been serving the insurance needs of North Idaho residents for over 30 years and now concentrate my practice on the insurance needs of “Seniors” just like me! If you have a need for any of the products listed below please call me for an appointment. I love making new friends and helping my clients find the solution to their insurance needs.

Medicare Supplements

These products, offered by a variety of companies, are often called “Medigap” plans because they fill in the gaps left by Medicare. There are several different types of plans and some pay for your Part A or Part B Deductibles, some pick up the balance left over after Medicare pays its portion, some provide out of country coverage and so forth.

Medicare Advantage Plans

These plans essentially take the place of your Medicare coverage. They must be approved by the government to provide “equivalent” coverage to Medicare. Your claims go directly to the company offering the plan rather than to Medicare. Some of these plans come with Part D Drug coverage included and some do not.

Part D Drug Plans

Since Medicare itself does not provide most outpatient drug coverage, a person needs a separate Drug Plan to cover prescriptions. If you have a Medicare Supplement policy, you can purchase a Drug Plan from the same or a different company. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan and you want drug coverage, the Part D Drug Plan must be purchased through the Medicare Advantage Plan that you have.

Final Expense Plans

Most of us carried substantial life insurance through our working years when the children were still around and our financial obligations were at their highest. Once those policies have lapsed, or lost due to retirement, many seniors still find themselves needing a modest amount of coverage for funeral and final expenses. Several companies over a variety of plans, including some plans for people not in the best of health.